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OECD 2010 Innovation Policy Released

The OECD has recently released their 2010 Innovation Policy, together with a number of related documents on Innovation – all of them are really worth reading.

I am providing you the following:

  1. OECD key findings and Policy Message – excellent ppt deck
  2. OECD key findings – document
  3. OECD publication – Measuring Innovation – well worth reading
  4. OECD 2010 Innovation Executive Summary

All of these are a “must read”.

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Policy 2.0 – Open Innovation in Policy Creation

More buzzwords? Policy 2.0? Well, its all about breaking down the barriers and enhancing collaboration. Hope Street Group believes that new online collaboration tools have an important role to play in surfacing new ideas and voices to make a positive difference on many issues, including teacher effectiveness. To that end, this summer Hope Street Group launched a virtual education policy team using Policy 2.0, their collaborative web platform. They recruited a diverse policy team of educators and professionals from the private and civic sectors across 17 states. Through an in-depth process of discovery and research over three months, the policy team devised targeted recommendations for improving teacher evaluation systems. Policy 2.0 allowed for connectivity between busy practitioners from across the country to a library of resources, to national experts, and to each other, through a tool that gave them a unique platform for engaging in education policy, with far-reaching implications.

They then documented their findings and took it to the White House.

Read the full report here.

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Looks promising…….

Obama’s pick of the Chief Technology Officer for the USA looks promising from an innovation perspective:

“In choosing Aneesh Chopra to be federal chief technology officer, President Barack Obama tapped one of state government’s more innovative and energetic IT officials. The move, announced Saturday, offers more evidence that Obama is serious about using technology to change the way Washington works.”


“In Chopra, Obama picked a CTO with a track record of understanding both the power of innovation, and the relationship between technology, education and economic success. That’s not to say Chopra won’t be tested: The federal bureaucracy surely will try his patience. And crucial questions about the reporting relationships and synchronization among the Obama’s CIO, CTO and chief performance officer must be answered.”


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