Innovation in Mid-Market – a Resurgence

It’s great to see that the enthusiasm for innovation is not just limited to large corporations, but is filtering down into the mid market as well.

A report just released by IBM, Inside the Midmarket:A 2011 Perspective found that in 2009, midsize businesses (53%) were mainly consumed with reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. The progress and momentum gained from these efforts continue to yield critical benefits and advantages for midsize businesses. Because of this momentum, they are now in a position to turn their attention to more forward-looking aspects of their business. This is demonstrated by the significant increase in focus on customers (+20 pts), innovation (+7 pts), and revenue growth (+5 pts).

18% are tapping into new and innovative business processes and models to help them transform into more agile and formidable competitors. With the economy continuing to strengthen, companies are looking for breakthrough innovations and new markets that will drive new revenue streams to carry them into the next decade.

from IBM, Inside the Midmarket:A 2011

You can read the entire report here.


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One response to “Innovation in Mid-Market – a Resurgence

  1. Hi there,
    18% could be 80% bowever it means nothing if they are looking in the wrong place which dont surprise me with IBM. IBM needs a competent team on inventors and innovators specifically to find inventions and innovations. Because of the disconnect from those that can make the decisions and those that find the so called solutions is so large IBM will always be behind the curve. All we seem to hear these days is How many start ups Google is buying for $20m … hopefully someone in a position of decision making will read this and be innovative enough to follow it up that would be different.

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