UK sees Broadband as Innovation of the Decade

Broadband and online shopping top The Foundation’s inaugural Innovation Index

• Britons rank home broadband as the innovation that has contributed the most to their lives over the past decade
• Online shopping follows in second place
• Functionality and the ability to save time and effort valued more widely than cost savings or cutting-edge technology
• Facebook and Twitter score poorly

Home broadband is the innovation UK consumers feel has made the biggest positive impact on their lives since the turn of the millennium, according to new research from leading innovation and growth consultancy The Foundation.

In its inaugural Innovation Index – compiled from a survey of 2,243 consumers, weighted to represent UK population* – respondents selected the products and services that had contributed the most and least to their lives.

Respondents were asked to rank their top three and bottom three in order, with 3 points scored for each percentage of the first rank vote, 2 points for each percentage of the second rank vote, and 1 point for each percentage of the third rank vote, producing a final score out of 300.

Most loved: the 10 products/services that have contributed the most to Britons’ lives over the last decade

(positive score out of 300 in brackets)

1 Home broadband (192)
2 Online shopping (94)
3 Google (54)
4 Chip and Pin (49)
5 Digital cameras/photography (39)
6 Online comparison sites (38)
7 Community Recycling (32)
8 Health labelling on foods, e.g. traffic lights (29)
9 Low-cost air travel (25)
10 Consumer GPS/Sat-Nav (24)

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