FastCompany: The World’s Most Innovative Companies

FastCompany’s regular ranking of the world’s most innovative companies is out once more. So who wins?

01 / APPLE – For dominating the business landscape, in 101 ways
02 / TWITTER – For five years of explosive growth that have redefined communication
03 / FACEBOOK – For 600 million users, despite Hollywood
04 / NISSAN – For creating the Leaf, the first mass- market all- electric car
05 / GROUPON – For reinvigorating retail — and turning down $6 billion.
06 / GOOGLE – For instantly upgrading the search experience
07 / DAWNING INFORMATION INDUSTRY – For building the world’s fastest supercomputer
08 / NETFLIX – For streaming itself into a $9 billion powerhouse (and crushing Blockbuster)
09 / ZYNGA – For being the $500 million alpha dog of social gaming
10 / EPOCRATES – For giving doctors and nurses instant drug reference

One can debate the criteria to death – but it’s a pretty good list. The entire list can be found here.

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