Two Giants feed Innovation in Journalism and Literacy

Why is innovation in literature and journalism becoming so important? Because the customer is demanding diversity and tailored products and services that meet their needs, and guess what? The traditional suppliers just cannot satisfy their requirements. So rather than producing more and more of the same, the clever companies are producing platforms that anyone can use to develop products and services.

It is interesting to see a bookseller like Barnes & Noble, and Google, almost on the same day, jumping on the journalism platform bandwagon. It is interesting because Barnes & Noble is a reseller – a bookstore that sells other people’s books – and so one might question why a bookstore is building a platform called NOOKdeveloper, a program that enables content providers and the developer community to deliver “new and innovative reading experiences using Barnes & Noble’s open eReading platform”. According the Barnes & Noble press release: “Developers can revolutionize how people read, beginning with NOOKcolor, the ultimate reading experience. Built on Android(TM), NOOKcolor opens up a whole new world of digital reading materials of all kinds with an unmatched selection of over two million digital titles a single search away on the Barnes & Noble NOOKbook(TM) Store.”

At the same time, Google has just announced it was donating five million dollars to encourage innovation in digital journalism.

“Journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy,” said Nikesh Arora, president of Google’s global sales operations and business development. “So as media organizations globally continue to broaden their presence online, we’re eager to play our part on the technology side,” Arora said.

While Apple and Amazon fight it out on the hardware platform, both Google and Barnes & Noble are out there saying “we don’t have all the answers – perhaps you do”.

Will be interesting to watch these developments…


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