Managing IP and Open Innovation

One of the biggest challenges in an Open Innovation environment is the management of intellectual property. Indeed, IP management is a real inhibitor to companies implementing OI – the IP challenges seem somewhat overwhelming. Indeed, I will shortly be teaching IP Management with a specific innovation focus to students at the University of Sydney.

A recently published article address some if these issues. It says that the key is:

  • to understand the benefits of embracing these models of IP development;
  • to have executives and board members agree on and commit to a clear business plan with respect to same; and
  • to have the right people in place to execute the plan.

Different models of collaborative IP development are
used today, including:

  • participation in R&D consortia;
  • collaboration between different companies for a
  • variety of strategic reasons;
  • collaboration with universities and other public
  • research institutions; and
  • the ‘open science’ model, where IP rights become
  • superfluous as access is generalised and data is
  • shared with little or no limitations.

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