Is Open Innovation Over? What do you think?

Have a read of the excellent discussion going on around whether or not Open Innovation is actually “over”. Read here.

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One response to “Is Open Innovation Over? What do you think?

  1. Martin Stewart-Weeks

    From what I could see of the original comment from James Todhunter, it’s based on a misunderstanding of open innovation. The idea that somehow if you spend too much time relying on ideas and input from outside you become dumber as an organisation is silly. Open innovation, as I understand it, doesn’t assume that you somehow outsource all heavy intellectual lifting and simply wait for someone else to come along and give you some great ideas for free. But it does assume that it’s pretty unlikely, in the world we now live in, that you are going to find, nurture, develop and then use great new ideas all your own.

    I suspect the truth is exactly the opposite of this strange and misplaced claim. Far from being over, open innovation is an idea that has barely begun.

    The prediction of its demise may actually say much more about another different, but related problem, which is the increasingly short attention span evinced by so many corporates and large organisations. Maybe Mr Todhunter’s mistaken prediction tells us much more about the way in which people, perhaps like him, and organisations generally are restlessly searching for a new ‘thing’ to keep them amused. Whether or not this tells us much about how effectively they have really engaged with the demanding doctrines and practices on which true open innovation really depends is a moot point, perhaps.

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