Globalisation shapes Employees skills

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Responding to globalization of the workplace, employees worldwide are developing a new suite of cross-cultural and language skills that will equip them to prosper in a more multinational environment, according to recent findings from a global workplace survey.

The survey, by global workforce solutions leader Kelly Services (NASDAQ: KELYA) (NASDAQ: KELYB), finds that individuals across all generations believe the experience they gain in a globally oriented environment will be critical to their careers.

Gen X (aged 30-47) reports the most direct experience within a global business environment, while Gen Y (aged 18-29) is driving the trend toward globalization, making international experience central to their job selection and promotion. Although baby boomers (aged 48-65) receive less formal support and training than their younger colleagues, they still feel they can succeed in a globalized workplace.

The findings are part of the Kelly Global Workforce Index, which obtained the views of approximately 90,000 people in 33 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Employees around the globe are recognizing how to thrive in a workplace with fewer international barriers, according to Kelly Services Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, George Corona.

“Exposure to the international workplace is becoming the norm as more highly skilled people develop the capacity to export their talents wherever needed around the globe,” Corona says. “In this environment, the ability to work collaboratively with multinational teams is a critical requirement that we expect to become more commonplace.”

Key findings of the survey reveal that:

--  81 percent of Gen Y believe it is important to their career prospects
    that they become more globally oriented, followed by Gen X (78 percent) and
    baby boomers (71 percent).
--  69 percent of Gen X have recently worked closely with colleagues from
    a different country or culture, followed by Gen Y (67 percent) and baby
    boomers (66 percent).
--  84 percent of Gen X feel that they possess the skills to work in a
    more globally oriented workplace, followed by Gen Y (82 percent) and baby
    boomers (81 percent).
--  In deciding where to work, exposure to a global environment is
    considered 'extremely important' by 32 percent of Gen Y, 30 percent of Gen
    X, and 26 percent of baby boomers.
--  Only 35 percent of Gen Y receive formal cross-cultural or language
    training from their employers, followed by Gen X (33 percent) and baby
    boomers (27 percent).     

Although Gen X and baby boomers have more international experience, Gen Y more readily embraces that experience as a factor in determining future job choice and career progression. Gen Y also receives the bulk of employer-provided training.

“We are seeing a generation emerge that is very confident operating in a global environment. This will lead to many more transferrable skills, and a business dynamic where human capital can be deployed seamlessly to almost any location on short notice.

“Given the significant role this will play in transacting future business and attracting new talent, we expect to see many more firms devoting resources to equip staff with the language, culture, and flexibility they need to be successful in a truly global context,” Corona concludes.

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