Clinton talks about effects of globalization

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to a sold out crowd at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in the USA on Monday, lecturing about the current political climate while detailing the advantages and pitfalls of living in an increasingly interdependent world.

Entering to an enthusiastic standing ovation in the 2,900-seat theater, Clinton shared his take on globalization and its effects, focusing on the challenges he believes an interdependent world faces.

“While we’re all connected, this is a very unequal world and in most places it’s growing more unequal,” Clinton said.

Clinton discussed pervasive discrimination that remains against women in most parts of the world as well as the growing income disparity in the U.S. He spent a

significant amount of time arguing for health care reform.

“We’re the only rich country in the world that can’t figure out how to give everybody health insurance,” he said, calling our current system “embarrassing.”

Clinton also addressed humanitarian intervention in the world, arguing that such intervention increased national security by improving the image of the country abroad.

“Anything we do to make chances slightly more balanced makes people think more of us,” Clinton said, adding that he recently returned from a humanitarian visit to Haiti.

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