More on China and Innovation

Its is really interesting to see the press coverage China is receiving in the Innovation space. In this article from Forbes, the following statement is made:

“My hunch says that in the future anything that has to do with scale will likely come out of China or even India.”

Other points are:

  1. If you combine the mobile access, people getting into the system, and the database 51Job has for employment opportunities, the numbers of the largest player in Japan or look like peanuts.
  2. What is the one core competence that China has which will drive innovation? One answer is scale.
  3. I think that there will be some cleantech deployments that China might experience earlier and faster. Wind power is certainly one, as is the use of LED lights to reduce energy requirements. That may lead to innovation

There is a huge amount of activity taking place in China with respect to Innovation – especially Open Innovation. See other entries on this blog.

You should read the entire article from Forbes.

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