Connectedness vs Openness

Open Innovation is an opportunity. It defines the potential for breaking down the barriers internally within an organization, and externally with that organization’s ecosystem.

In order to realize that potential, however, the entities in the ecosystem need to be connected. I call this Connected Innovation. Connected Innovation is what unlocks the potential of Open Innovation. However, connectedness in itself will deliver the result – its the frameworks that make Connected Innovation real that delivers the power. And technology delivers the scale.

This concept of connectedness has been reinforced just recently at the 3rd Annual Open Innovation Conference in Las Vegas when Jeff Bellairs, G-Win Director for General Mills, said: “Open Innovation is not about being external. It’s about being connected.” Jason Husk, Group Manager Technology Brokerage for Clorox, supported this stance and presented a relationship between technology, consumers, and business results as a model for connection. And Chris Thoen announced P&G’s launch of Connect + Develop 2.0 OI model through which the company will focus on collaborating with partners for mutual value creation.



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2 responses to “Connectedness vs Openness

  1. During the workshop session we conducted at the 3rd Open Innovation Conference, Oval Ideas, Inc. polled the attendees for the organizational breadth of connectedness of their Open Innovation initiatives. (Of course this sampling reflects a group that self-selected to be at an Open Innovation conference and so consider these results in that context…)

    100% said they have connected the OI Team with RD, Prod Dev, Mktg, Mgt, and Exec Mgt. 50% have connected their Partners and Vendors into the initiative. 15% have begun to connect their Supply Chain.

    60% have connected their Legal Departments, and about the same number for Competitive Intelligence teams. 40% have begun laying down infrastructure… and involve the IT department in supporting Open Innovation initiatives.

    In spite of the fact that this was after all only the 3rd annual Open Innovation Conference… it is significant that 4 companies rated their practices as having already matured to Level 5 CMM of “Optimizing.” Getting to such a level probably implies 5 or more years of continuous strategic focus by the entire organization.

    40% of the attendees indicated that their organizations were discussing how to explore and perhaps participate in even the more uncontrolled “open” external connections… such as WIKIs and Crowdsourcing.

    • Jeffrey Tobias

      Many thanks for this input and really valuable information.
      The numbers you cite here are most encouraging – especially how 60% have connected their legal departments already.

      The use of technology to deliver scale is interesting too – I think that having 40% exploring wikis and crowdsourcing is very heartening.

      Is the report from Oval Ideas publicly available?

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